Variability in Viking ion and electric field observations detected by a wavelet filtering technique

L. Liszka
Swedish Institute of Space Physics
Umeå Division

M. Øieroset and B. Hultqvist
International Space Science Institute


We present a wavelet filtering technique combined with principal component analysis which opens up new possibilities to study the variability in satellite particle and electric field observations. With this method, frequency components normally obscured by spacecraft spin and energy sweep can be extracted from the data. The method is tested on Viking ion and electris field observations during an interval of elevated conics near 13,300 km altitude. After wavelet filtering, similar wavelet magnitude patterns are found for both the ion and the electric field observations. This similarity indicates the close relation between electric field fluctuations and upflowing ions. The common features appear first in the electric field and few seconds later in the ion data.

IRF Scientific Report 257


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