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Recordings of Concorde

[IMAGE: Picture showing infrasonic sound from Concorde.]

Angle of arrival of the infrasonic signal from Concorde, flying from the US to Europe, recorded at Luleå, Sweden (65.8N, 22.5E) on February 6, 1995 at midnight. The fine structure of the recorded angle of arrival reflects the wind and temperature distribution in the atmosphere between the aircraft and the recording station. Due to the geometric configuration of the aircraft trajectory and recording station and due to the geographical distribution of winds and temperatures the flight is viewed in reversed order, i. e. the trace starts at the eastern most point of the supersonic trajectory and continues until the aircraft starts its supersonic flight outside the eastern coast of the US. The infrasonic noise (Wav-format (~116K) Unix-format(~59K)) generated by Concorde is frequency transformed (x306) in order to be audible.

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